Rome (2005)

Rome (2005)

It is the year 52 I.C. For four hundred years since the founding of the Republic, Rome has been the richest city in the world, a cosmopolitan metropolis populated by a million people, the epicenter of an expanding empire. The Republic was founded on the principle of common power and never allowed a only man to have absolute control. But these principles are strongly shaken and gnawed by corruption and excesses. The ruling class became overly wealthy, and the old Spartan values ​​of discipline and social unity were forgotten. There is a huge difference between the social classes. The political and legal systems prove to be full of cracks, and the power is almost exclusively of the army. A drama that abounds in the intensity of love and betrayal, describing the relationship between slaves and masters, husbands and wives. ROME – carefully observed in times when the Republic was about to disappear, and the Empire was the one to take its place. The original ROMA / ROME series raised questions and gave rise to discussions and controversy. It is a production that involved work of enormous proportions, both in terms of historical research and the efforts and resources used.

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