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Doctor Who (2005)

Doctor Who (2005)

Rose Tyler is a 19-year-old girl who works in a department store in London, living a life as normal as possible, until one night without realizing it is attacked in the place where she works, by plastic mannequins. She is saved by a strange barabat who calls herself the Doctor, according to whom the world is under the threat of aliens “the Autons”, who want to invade Earth and destroy the human race. She finds out later that, her new friend The Doctor is not what he seems, he is an alien who calls himself Time Lord, apparently the last of his kind, and who travels in time and space trying at every step to defeat evil, wherever he finds it.
Rose agrees to travel with him, and so on board the Time Machine “The Tardis” travel in time and space, on distant planets or throughout the history of Earth (past and future) being witnesses of historical events; where they will encounter different dangers, facing aliens of all kinds. It is clear to Rose that it will be the adventure of his life.

Duration: 80 min
Status: Returning Series

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Doctor Who (2005) Online Free

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